When: 28 February 2012 – 06 March 2012
Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia – Saint Petersburg
Category: Election Observer Mission


The multilateral Youth Exchange (YE) ‘Volunteering: tools and skills for social inclusion and better employability’ will be held in St Petersburg, Russia from 28 February untill 6 March 2012. Together with 30 young people from the Netherlands, the UK, Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Moldova we will explore volunteering as a tool to address social exclusion and employability problems faced by young people in Europe. We will combine this YE with an election observation mission (EOM) at the Russian Presidential Election on the 4th of March.

The theme of the project is the empowerment of young motivated volunteers to create a replicable model of publicizing the values of volunteering, using creative means as an advanced level of self organization, socialization, youth participation and youth empowerment. We will also turn our attention to involvement of youngsters in political decision-making processes and active participation in civil society.

The main objectives of this project are:
–    To exchange principles and possible ways of youth participation and youth empowerment in a non formal way to support youth volunteering among young people having economic and employment problems.
–    To develop recognition for volunteering as an alternative to unemployment among young people in the local community and in the communities we come from.
–    To advance participants’ self organization and social responsibility skills.
–    To motivate and support participants to act as multipliers in promoting common European values
–    To introduce to the participants related concepts such as citizenship, human rights, diversity, democracy, civil society and raise awareness of their importance

The methodology used in the project is based on methods of non-formal education. We will focus on team bases achievements, and the activities will be based on a personal responsibility, supported by a strong group dimension and a collective approach.

Food and lodging will be provided for and 70% of your travel expenses will be reimbursed. The EIDP requires a project fee of 50 Euros. The EIDP is looking for two motivated participants that have an interest in the region and the subject of the project. Send a short motivation and your C.V. to info@eidp.org before midnight Sunday February 5th.