When: 26 July 2015 – 01 August 2015
Where: Tirana, Albania – Tirana
Category: Exchange


The Exchange Social Inclusion: a one size fits all or a step too far will bring together thirty young people from the Netherlands, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Armenia and Albania. During this week we will focus on the question whether social inclusion is a Western ideal that should be ‘realized’ everywhere or that it should be seen as a choice, which means that projects that foster social inclusion should only be applied in regions/countries where this concept is accepted. This exchange looks critically to the ‘social excluded’ and ‘social included’. Do people that are not actively involved in society wish to be included? In case they want to be part of the socially included, how can this be achieved? By their active involvement in society and the active countering of prejudices towards the ‘socially excluded’ groups.

This exchange aims to empower young people to build a society in a creative and innovative manner. As the participants represent different countries, we will discuss the concept ‘social inclusion’ for all the countries. Together with specialised NGOs we will broaden our horizon and will develop strategies how social inclusion could be realised. Beside the formal activities, various informal events will take place during the week. We will for instance play several games, learn about each other’s cultures and have a guided tour through Tirana.

During this week we will see the limitations of the concept of ‘social inclusion’, we will participate in the social ‘in’ and social ‘out’ and discover that we are all Europeans but there are differences. This will follow from the discussions with participants with different backgrounds as well as in the communication and activities in the social context.

General Objectives
– Enable intercultural dialogue
– Exchange different perspectives toward the concept ‘social inclusion’

Participants Profile
– Good English language skills
– Between 18 and 26 years old
– Affinity with the topic
– Genuine interest and/or willingness to improve and learn
– Committed to attend for the full duration of the project


The EIDP is looking for four motivated participants living in the Netherlands that will represent us during the exchange and are open for discussion about this topic.We require a 45 Euro participation fee to be paid in advance. The organizers will provide food and lodging for free and your travel expenses, to a maximum of 170 Euro, will be reimbursed after the completion of the project. To apply, send a short motivation and your CV to info@eidp.org before May 14.