When: 16 May 2015 – 24 May 2015
Where: Ganja, Azerbaijan – Ganja
Category: Training Course


Participation of young people is one of the key questions that youth workers address in their work. Concepts of participation usually refer to at least four dimensions: social participation, political participation, economic participation and cultural participation. Unfortunately, in today`s Europe young people do often not participate in any of these societal dimensions. With youth unemployment rates peaking e.g. in Spain and Greece with over 40% young people face massive difficulties to sustain their life independently. According to the EU Flash Barometer on youth participation (2013) only 22% of young people within the EU are involved in youth clubs or any kind of youth organisations. The same survey states in the category of political participation, that voting in local, regional and national is with 56% rather low, and standing as a candidate is not an option for 79% of young Europeans.

Against this background, the training of trainers aims to provide youth leaders and future educators with necessary competences for the design, facilitation and evaluation of educational programmes for youth empowerment on local, national and European levels in order to foster youth participation in all four dimensions.

Thus, the training of trainers intends to share educational methods of empowerment work with its participants in order to strengthen their daily work with young people. Different educational instruments such as workshops, simulation exercises, role plays and debates will be exercised with the participants to give them a learning experience and to explain them their strength and weaknesses. In the next stage, the participants will prepare own sessions which will be presented in the end of the course. As a result of this process, the participants will have received individual feedback to their performance as a facilitator, have a personal development plan at hand, and new tools in their facilitator repertoire.

· To deepen the understanding for concepts of youth empowerment and participation amongst youth leaders and educators
· To enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills of educators in planning, implementing and evaluating educational short-term projects on local, national and European levels
· To create new workshops, exercises, role plays for youth projects
· To create European learning partnerships in the field of youth empowerment

– Youth Empowerment & Participation
– Principles of Workshop Facilitation and Programme Design
– Variety of educational instruments for learning
– Principles of learning, self-directed learning and learning to learn

Profile of Participants
– At least basic knowledge and understanding of youth participation
– Knowledge of the situation of young people in the own country
– Work experience in a NGO working with young people by educational means
– Have led at least one local or international educational programme for young people
– Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very intercultural setting
– Good level of English to follow the course and ability to participate fully in the event

Important note:
· 70% of the travel costs to the venue and back will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 530 Euro.
· If the departure place of the participants differ from the seat of the organisation, and if this causes that the travel distance falls into a lower distance band, then the travel budget for the lower distance band applies.