When: 27 November 2014 – 02 December 2014
Where: Chisinau, Moldova – Chisinau
Category: Election Observer Mission


For the second time this the year the EIDP, in cooperation with our Danish partner SILBA, can give Dutch citizens the chance to experience election procedures in an Eastern Partnership country up close and personal. This time the occasion is the parliamentary election in Moldova. This will determine the path of this country for the next four years. Moldovan, Danish, and Dutch observers will take part in SILBA’s Election Observation Mission.

The situation in Moldova has been one of overwhelming support for accession to the European Union in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The ruling Liberal Democratic coalition has emphasized its commitment to signing an association agreement with the European Union on Friday, June 27th. Visa-free travel (introduced in April 2014) and the effects of the crisis in Ukraine could serve as a catalyst for support for European integration.

Freedom House ranked Moldova slightly lower (4.82) in 2013 than in 2012 (4.89), largely due to some lagging features of transition, including lack of civil society transparency and endemic corruption. According to the 2013 report, “the justice system continues to exhibit political influence, abuse of authority, corruption, and inconsistent interpretation of legislation. (SOURCE)

Do not miss this great opportunity to get an insight in the political system of Moldova and get first hand election observation experience. As part of the election observation mission, the scheduled program will include presentations by relevant experts and professionals to deepen the participants understanding of the political and cultural context.

Practical information

The elections in Moldova will take place on November 30th. The official programme of the election observation mission will start Thursday the 27th and end Tuesday the 2nd of December. Drawing attention to the elections and the work of the EIDP and SILBA by sharing your experience during and after the project is highly appreciated. This can be done via a presentation, weblog, newspaper/magazine/online article or interview. We recommend you to get in touch with the relevant media already before departure.

As a participant you will be covering your own transport expenses to Moldova and back. Additionally, each participant will pay a participation fee of 250 Euros. This fee covers accommodation, food and local transport during the entire programme. All applicants are requested to wait for approval before booking their flight ticket.

To apply as a participant send an email with your CV and a short motivation (250 words) to info@eidp.org before Sunday October 5th.