When: 24 November 2013 – 1 December 2013
Where: Chisinau, Moldova – Chisinau
Category: Exchange


This project will put together 36 young people from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova for 7 days of September in Chisinau, Moldova, to explore the topic of European identity.Europe is struggling with identity questions at various levels. Considering for instance conflicts between sub-national identities and national identities, as well as conflicts between national identity(-ies) and European identity. Through this Youth Exchange we aim to develop a better understanding of what European identity means and explore whether national identity can exist along with a European identity.

In Moldova Russian, Romanian, Moldovan, Transdnistrian, Gagauzian, Ukrainian and other identities coexist. That makes Moldova an excellent place to explore national identity problems. During the youth exchange we plan on making study visits to the autonomous regions of Moldova: Transdnistria or Gagauzia. There we plan to speak with local representatives and find out how they struggle with identity problems.

Throughout the project we will discuss what is national identity, theories of national identity formation and formation of European identity. Also, how do people from old Europe, new Europe and from outside of the European Union experience their identity and why it is important to associate oneself with an European identity/community. Moreover, we want to touch upon how to solve conflicts in a constructive way and whether the strengthening of European identity can smooth the conflicts caused by the national identity issues.

The learning methods will be diverse to ensure a better non-formal learning process. We will pay special attention to learning from each other and about each other, watching and discussing movies, listening to stories that explain the specifics of each country, make a study trip, focus groups, play intellectual games, reflecting, preparing and presenting speeches on the topic of identity.

The EIDP can send 6 participants from the Netherlands. Participants from the other countries will be selected by their respective organizations. Participation fee for Dutch participants is 45€.