When: 10 September 2016 – 17 September 2016
Where: Sneek, Netherlands – Sneek
Category: Training Course


The Training Course “Community Leadership” in Sneek, the Netherlands is organized by the EIDP with the aim to raise visibility and awareness of the Erasmus+ Program opportunities for the cooperation between EU and the “Eastern region”, and the improvement of the quality of organisation and their (future) projects. It will bring participants from Belarus, Macedonia, Latvia, Croatia, and Georgia to the Netherlands.

The training is mainly developed for young volunteers that are active in civil society organizations of any sort or might aspire to do so. The training course aims to provide the participants with skills and tools to improve themselves and empower them to make a change. The participants will explore their own understanding of leadership and the skills they possess and learn how to work with groups based on participation, which can contribute to becoming better leaders and pushing organisations and projects to the next level. The training aims to promote civic participation and European integration through qualitative and innovative European Youth projects.

The 3 main focus areas of the training are:

  • To make the participants understand the diversity of organizations and it’s leadership;
  • To learn and exercise more about/with leadership theory and practical leadership skills for successfully carrying out projects and leading teams;
  • To offer the participants advanced managerial skills for developing and implementing.

Some of the topics of the activities during the training course will be: Organizational Theory, Effective Communication and techniques and tools, Verbal and non-verbal communication, Project Management, Team management, and Leadership skills and theory. Of course we will also have the necessary sightseeing to cultural and danceable places included in the program!

Participants’ profile

During this training, 30 participants (+staff) from 6 different countries will be trained in the necessary skills for right leadership, meeting other partners, exchanging cultures and experiences, and promoting citizenship and participation.

This training will last a week and will require a very active attitude from the participants and will be very intensive. This is not a leisure trip and will not include a high amount of free time. Participants are envisioned to be youngsters and students whom are active members of NGO’s or other organisations. The age limited of the participants is between 18-25 years. Board & lodging costs for the duration of the project are covered 100% through the Erasmus+ program.

The EIDP is looking for 5 participants. A 45 Euro participation fee to be paid in advance is required.