Art for Human Rights Education (ART4HRE) will bring together 27 participants from 8 countries: the Netherlands, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and Estonia. During the project you will gain an understanding of human rights norms and principles through various artistic expressions. Moreover, you will learn how to empower people to enjoy and exercise their rights and to respect and uphold the rights of others. Artistic expression and integrating arts are a unique vehicle for Human Rights Education. The ARTS bring human rights down from the head and into the heart – something that makes youth particularly able to embrace what human rights are about – through arts and creative expression.

The project ART4HRE consists of 3 activities:
1. Training Course
When: 18 February 2018 – 24 February 2018
Where: Rustavi, Georgia
2. Youth Exchange
When: 16 April 2018 – 24 April 2018
Where: Bansko, Bulgaria
3. Seminar
When: 8 July 2018 – 13 July 2018
Where: Sleen, the Netherlands

The objectives

  • To develop critical human rights consciousness
  • To give training competencies to the youth workers
  • To develop new bottom-up approaches in HRE/EDC
  • To identify effective methods to increase youth participation and enchant young people with human rights
  • To strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in youth and empower them to become active democratic citizens who stand up for human rights
  • To equip youth workers with knowledge in human rights and democratic citizenship
  • To further develop the activities of partner organizations aimed at the creation of a culture of peace, based upon universal values of human rights, international understanding.


Financial reimbursement

Project organizers will cover 100% of accommodation and material costs during the training course and follow-up activities days. Traveling costs will be covered according to the Erasmus+ distance calculator*. We require 55 Euro participation fee to be paid in advance.

*MAX. REFUND OF TRAVEL EXPENSES PER PARTICIPANT traveling from the Netherlands to Georgia is 530 Euro and to Bulgaria is 275 Euro.

Participant’s profile

  • Between 18 and 28 years old
  • At the time of the activities residing in the Netherlands
  • Sufficient English language proficiency
  • Affiliation with the topic (youth workers, students, etc.)
  • Motivated to learn more about the role of art in human rights education
  • Able and/or willing to use the acquired knowledge and skills
  • Open for an intercultural discussion about arts and human rights education

Ideally, participants attend all three projects. You can also apply if you are interested in the project but are only able to take part in one or two activities. Please note: strong preference will be given to the applicants who can take part in at least two activities.



Please apply by filling out the aplication form before the 3rd of January 2018. Make sure you include the following subjects in your motivation:
1) How many and which of the three activities you can attend:
– Training course (18 February 2018 – 24 February 2018, Georgia)
– Youth exchange (16 April 2018 – 28 April 2018, Bulgaria)
– Seminar (10 July 2018 – 15 July 2018, Netherlands)
2) Personal and professional background
3) Why do you want to participate?
4) What do you expect to learn?
5) What can you contribute to the project?
6) What would you like to do with the acquired knowledge and skills?


All applicants will receive an email about the selection results before the 10th of January 2018. In case you have any question about the project or one of the activities, in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us at