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Report: Slovenian Parliamentary election
June 11, 2018

On 3rd of June 2018 Slovenian Parliamentary elections took place where the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) with its leader Janez Janša…

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Report: Hungarian and Montenegrin elections
May 7, 2018

This is EIDP’s combined report on Hungarian Parliamentary elections and Montenegrin Presidential elections. The structure of this report is as follows:…

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Report: Russia’s Presidential Election 2018
March 25, 2018

On March 18th the Russian presidential elections were held and without a big surprise candidate, Vladimir Putin won his fourth term…

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How politically mature are the Georgians?
September 9, 2016

The political maturity of a nation is difficult to define, but on 8 October Georgians will contribute to the world’s perception…

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Report: “Election Observation Moldova”
January 11, 2015

From the 26th of November till the 3rd of December 2014 I participated on behalf of the EIDP in the Election…

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Live Blog Parliamentary Elections Moldova 2014 (closed)
December 1, 2014

Moldova is a small land-locked country of 3.5 million people bordering the European Union and will be going to the polls…

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Live Blog presidential election Ukraine 2014 (closed)
May 26, 2014

One of this year’s most anticipated elections in Eastern Europe will take place in Ukraine on May 25. It is the…

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Live Blog Presidential Elections Georgia 2013 (closed)
October 27, 2013

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