Last June, the EIDP selected two youngsters from the Netherlands to participate in the leadership training ‘Up We Go’ in Outdoor Leadership Training Center Madona region, Bērzaune (Latvia). In this five-day training, a total of 18 participants from 6 different countries learned more about themselves as youth leaders and personalities through outdoor experiences. They stepped out of their comfort zone, took some courage to asked frightful questions, found answers deep inside themselves, learned to trust, delegate, lead and be honest. At the end becoming better youth leaders as well as better humans.Our partner organization and host of the project Open Sense put together a video impression of the project. Click here to read about the experiences of one of our participants!

One of the project objectives was to foster self-confidence and self-development of youth workers and educators with the aim to increase quality and professionalism of teaching, training and youth work across the Europe, encouraging international cooperation and creating value based network system between project partner countries and organizations, so to develop a sense of European citizenship and identity. During the training course based on non-formal education and experiential learning tools, participants discussed and worked with such topics as teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving, flexibility and responsiveness, self-confidence and self-realization. In result participants created One day workshop and implemented it for local youth from Bērzaune village.

Participants: 18 youth educators, youth workers, leaders, teachers, social workers, psychologists, volunteers and other members (more than 18 years old) of non- formal and formal education (6 countries, 3 participants per country)
Project partner organizations:

  • Latvia / NGO „Open Sense”
  • Poland / Just do it!
  • Romania / Asociatia idei si proiecte pentru tineri activi
  • Netherlands / Stichting European Institute for Democratic Participation
  • Slovakia / Youthfully Yours SR
  • Spain / Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social

By implementation of this project societies and stakeholders understanding and awareness is raised about the importance of non-formal education for personal and professional development of young people. Initiative and social responsibility have
been transformed in the very positive way, having long term effect on participant successful competitiveness in labor market, meanwhile taking step forward towards social inclusion in local, national, international and global level.

Project costs were 100% covered by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.